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Aspire Gusto Mini Starter Kit

Product Info

The Gusto Mini packs a lot of power into a very stylish device. But what it may lack in size it more than makes up for in the pure vaping pleasure it provides. 

These devices use pods - so no need to deal with transferring liquid from a bottle. This is quick simple and very clean. Each pod for a medium smoker will last around a week. 

You can take multiple pods with you on the go and switch to a new flavour instantly!

Pods are NOT included in this order unless specifically selected under the "Recommended Accessory" section you will see when adding to the cart. Or you can click here to add some pods to your order.

Reviews (2)

Loving it - but wish were more flavours to choose from.. but for someone starting off theres prob more than enough.. Love I dont need to use bottles and can swap out flavors so easy.. This is way vaping should be (at least for beginners).. Can you provide your own liquids in the pods? that would rock...?

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Gusto Mini-Pod (3 Pack) (Quantity to be added is 1)

$25.00 Each

Price: $30.00 (NZD)